Starbucks Responsibility Being proactive and paying back to local communities are our key values

We are a unique company, our goal is to help the community we live and work in, through any means we can.

“Starbucks has always been devoted to community involvement and actively making contribution to the communities where it is doing business."

Background Forerunners of Environmental Protection on our Shared Planet

It is learnt that each participating university can annually get subsidies for 15 candidates with 5,000 RMB each. The project assessment committee organized by CSCLF will select out the qualified environmental projects based on the standards of being original, scientific, feasible, and etc. The subsidized fund will be completely used for the execution of the selected projects. The subsidized project will also be titled “Annual College Student Forerunner of Environmental Protection”. Besides, during the period of this project, other activities will be held, such as the demonstration of various excellent environmental projects, organization of participating students’ exchange with other non-profit organizations or relevant government agencies, discussion and communication of those students’ environmental projects.

After being in China for 16 years, we will continue to inspire towards building a better society. Besides running for-profit programs in China, we also hope to bring our key value into China - to be proactive and pay back to society, connecting deeper with the local society is what we strive for. To do all of this, we need to ask two questions, what is our role and responsibility? How do we share our success with the community?Throughout the past several years, we answered these questions by our actions.

Youth Leadership Development Program

On June 2104, we are glad to announce that we have started a 3-year long non-profit program with 3 million dollars. 1.5 million dollars will be used for a brand new project named “China Youth Leadership Development Program” which co-operates with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. This project is aimed to train leadership skills in young people and help build a better sense of social responsibilities.

We have previously co-operated with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and will continue to do so: Since 2005, more than 3000 teachers from Western China got trained by us, supporting 1,200 disadvantaged college students from 15 Normal Universities, building 300 libraries for 300 primary schools in rural areas, and investing in 900 environmental protection programs.

Global Community Service Month

In the past 40 years, Starbucks has always played an important role in local communities. We realized we could share our success to build and nurture communities. In 2011, to celebrate our 40th ceremony, we officially started the “Global Community Service Month” project, and assured every April of each year would be dedicated to our Global Community Service Month.

In 2015 Global Community Service Month, Starbucks encouraged partners to construct activities around the topic “support youth.” In Beijing, we organized 200 partners and volunteers, started career fairs and other training program for migrant workers. More than 5,000 people participated in these sessions.

In Chengdu, we helped some disadvantaged youths to help build themselves. Our partners and volunteers designed several programs such as career planning workshops, career story sharing, and many more. Our goal enabled us to help people grow, make plans, and change their working environments.

In other cities, our partners also invited families and friends to come together, to participate in our monthly activities, that include activities around protecting the environment and community services, and many more.

Starbucks Protecting the Environment Community Service Model

Besides the Global Community Service Month, we always devote our time to different community services, including the officially launched “green community” model. Until now, Our partners and volunteers have already served more than 270,000 hours. Together, we have made some actual changes to our local communities.

In 2012, Starbucks created Starbucks Chinese Community Services Guidebook. Guiding and helping our partners to develop quality services to local communities, with the goal to make communities better.

In 2013, we went forward hand in hand with our partners and their families, customers, volunteers and NGOs, and launched green community services in 58 cities, to enforce our promises and values. As one of our flagship store projects, we established two long-term serving spots in Guangzhou Lingnan and Shamian, also applying this model to more communities.


At the beginning of 2009, we co-operated with Chengdu Education Foundations, donating 5 million RMB to teachers who were affected by the Wenchuan earthquake.

2013, we donated 2 millions RMB for Ya’ An earthquake.

2014, we donated 1.54 million RMB to support Ludian,Yunnan.

Donations in new cities.

With the business expanding, we want to give more back to communities. Currently, we have donated more than 1 million RMB within mainland China, and have aimed to nurture a long-term connection within our communities.