Starbucks Accelerates Delivery Service Coverage to Bring Best-in-Class
Coffee Delivery Experience to More Customers in China

  • Starbucks completes the full-service coverage of “Starbucks Delivers” in Beijing and Shanghai, a month following the introduction of the market-leading coffee delivery experience in China.
  • Introduces “Starbucks Delivery” in nine new cities in China from 22 October 2018, and is on track to expand the service to more than 2,000 Starbucks stores across 30 cities by the end of calendar year 2018.
  • Pilots the operations of its first “Star Kitchens” in two Hema supermarkets in Shanghai and Hangzhou to complement delivery fulfillment capabilities of existing and future Starbucks stores.

SHANGHAI; October 18, 2018 – Within a month following the introduction of “Starbucks Delivers” in China, Starbucks today announced the full city coverage of this best-in-class coffee delivery service in Beijing and Shanghai. Working closely with, Starbucks will introduce the service to nine new cities in China from 22 October 2018, bringing the same promise of coffee quality and consistency beyond the physical walls of Starbucks stores, and into the hands of even more Chinese customers. In addition, Starbucks will pilot the operations of its first “Star Kitchens” located within two Hema supermarkets in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Each “Star Kitchen” will utilize Hema’s distinct fulfillment and delivery capabilities to complement the delivery of handcrafted Starbucks coffee and tea beverages offered through existing Starbucks stores.

“We set out to earn our right to do coffee delivery the right way in China by leading and up leveling the standards for the entire coffee industry, with no compromise on the Starbucks quality at any step,” said Belinda Wong, ceo, Starbucks China. “Our market-leading scale and the positive customer trial and adoption we have seen in the first month of operations have given us even greater confidence that we will successfully bring this exceptional delivery experience to more than 2,000 stores across 30 cities by the end of year. And we will do this with the deep respect for coffee, relentless pursuit for excellence and agility that only Starbucks can in China.”


As one of the key enablers of the transformative strategic partnership with Alibaba Group first established in August 2018, “Starbucks Delivers” is a distinctive model built on the foundations of Starbucks 47-year coffee leadership and Alibaba’s and Hema supermarkets’ delivery network and order fulfillment capabilities.

Each element within “Starbucks Delivers” has been customized and meticulously curated to Starbucks high standards with specially-designed spill-proof lids, for both hot and cold beverages, tamper-proof packaging seals, and unique delivery containers to ensure the right temperature and uncompromising standards for beverage and food quality and safety. With the successful full service coverage of “Starbucks Delivers” in Beijing and Shanghai, from 22 October 2018, Starbucks will bring the delivery service to nine new Chinese cities, including, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Ningbo, and Suzhou.

Starbucks is the first retail brand to establish dedicated kitchens within Hema and each has been designed to Starbucks exact standards to handcraft the consistent quality coffee and tea beverages that customers have come to expect and love. The “Star Kitchen” will leverage Hema’s fulfillment and delivery capabilities, within a 30-minute delivery time-frame, to further expand the scale and reach of Starbucks delivery services. More significantly, this is a strategic move that will enable Starbucks baristas to continue to focus on preserving the high levels of third-place experience for Starbucks customers in existing physical stores. Starbucks will pilot the operations of its first “Star Kitchen” in the Hema supermarkets in Hangzhou Alibaba Campus and Shanghai Baodi Mall, with plans to expand the presence to other Chinese cities over time.

As a coffee leader deeply-rooted in China, for China, Starbucks is committed to partnering with industry leaders who share common values in the spirit of innovation to elevate and create an even more personalized Starbucks Experience for its Chinese customers.

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